video_frameImagine all of your guests being able to see your love story. They are sitting down waiting for the Bride and Groom’s big entrance but instead of boredom, they are entertained with a video montage of you growing up and a story of how this day came to be.

This does not have to be imagined any longer! Our video services include everything you need to make this happen. Our trained technicians will help you in any way they can to provide the right video equipment to match your budget, but most importantly your dreams!

Check out some of our most popular video items for weddings below:


Mercury Weddings has a wide variety of projectors to choose from! Whether you are on a tight budget, or you want your guests to feel like they are at the movies, we can provide you with the projector that you need! You can select from projectors ranging from 2,000 lumens all the way up to 15,000 lumens.

Video screens

Screen size is no obstacle for us! We carry screens in every shape and size. Our inventory includes both 4:3 and 16:9 formats. You can select from our array of sizes listed below:

16:9 Widescreens
12′ x 16′ screen
6′ x 10.6′ screen
7.5′ x 13′ screen
9′ x 16′ screen
12′ x 21.25′ screen

Tri-pod Screens
6′ tri-pod screen
7′ tri-pod screen
8′ tri-pod screen

4:3 Screens
5′ x 7′ screen
6′ x 8′ screen
7.5 x 10′ screen
9′ x 12′ screen
10.5 x 14 screen
12′ x 16′ screen

Plasma/LCD televisions

Mercury Weddings pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of today’s technology. Flat panel displays can be a great way to present your video while looking sleek and impressing your crowd! We carry both Plasma and LCD televisions that can fit any style, budget and crowd! We have flat panel displays ranging from 20″ all the way up to 60″, as well as a variety of stands fro whichever display you choose!

DVD players

Mercury Weddings has everything it takes to make an event seamless. Yes, we even carry DVD players!