Pin Spots


Wedding Pin Spot Lighting is a great way to light up your wedding day!

The goal of bringing in wall washes and lighting is to completely change the mood and ambiance of the room. The more we can control the lighting, the closer we get to this goal. It is very difficult to take out the natural lighting in the room with only using wall washes and up-lights. It would simply be too dark in the room. What problems could arise, you ask?

It would be tough for your guests to see their food, each other and the flowers that you’ve spent so much time and money on! This is where pin spots come into the event lighting picture. Pin spots are lights that we hang from above and focus on focal points in the room such as center pieces and the wedding cake. By using pinspots, our techs can take more of the natural lighting out of the room while still maintaing the beauty of your flowers, cake, and guests! While some budgets do not allow to pinspot every table, it is very important to consider pinspots for a portion of them.

Mercury Sound & Lighting provides Pin Spot Lighting throughout Metro Detroit and Michigan including Troy, Southfield, Canton, Novi, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint, West Bloomfield, Sterling Heights and more!